About me

Hello there, I am Ahmed Labidi, I hate talking about my self but i have to do it so here we go.

I like to make stuff and explore new technologies through DIY projects because it’s fun first of all and second i like to learn by doing as Benjamin Franklin said :

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

So I’m using this blog and my YouTube Channel to encourage myself and inspire others to make even more awesome projects .

For my Education I got my Engineering Diploma in Mechatronics from ESPRIT ( Ecole Supérieure Privée d’Ingénierie et des Technologies ) in Tunis where i learned about electronics, electrical and Mechanic systems. an interdisciplinary engineering education to be capable of designing, building, controlling and maintaining powerful and complex systems for an ever evolving industry.

I always tend to love electronics more than mechanics, with introductory classes in ESPRIT like FPGA design and electromagnetic immunity, it made me want to go deeper in the electronics field, so i applied for a specialized Master in the University of Burgundy at Dijon, France, I got accepted and i succeeded.

There i learned about embedded systems, signal processing EMI and FPGA important and essential knowledge and tools for an engineer to design complex systems.

Finally i am a Mechatronics Engineer with a Specialty in Advanced Electronics Systems .

As Professional experience i joined multiple company’s each specializing in a different field but all about electronics and systems.

At Luko i joined an awesome team as a hardware intern with a goal to protect and prevent water damage in houses, i worked on a non-intrusive water flow meter a very complex subject that i enjoyed working on because it tested me on my electronics, mechanical, and problem solving capabilities and at the end i succeeded to make it work with astonishing results.

At Addixo i saw how complex an industrial solution can get and how important are the smallest details. i was in charge of programming and optimizing a quality check system using a high definition camera and image processing to verify the quality of bar-codes along side other tasks like establishing serial communication for command and results on a digital scale and other tasks for a goal to produce an industrial line capable of printing packaging and quality check for products.

I wrote an article for the work i did with SOMEF if you want to read it here.

In September 2016 i started a company with a friend to be able to take on projects for customers and increase my experience in running a business (Budget, Logistics and planning….) it was one of the best experiences in my life, we got to work on different projects from idea to prototype to production. we made different versions of a programmable electrical switch to control ,based on time, house lights or for other versions street lights or agriculture water irrigation automation.

For an another customer i designed and fabricated a weight sorting machine for the chicken industry.

Things got a little tough in our Tunisian economy a lot of taxes with no major projects or customers in the horizon relying only on our designing and prototyping service made it a little hard but luckily at that time spinners were a hit so we ran a small production with delivery for 3D printed spinners, this move made us enough money to buy our way out closing the company. The money we gained at the end served us well me and my friend. he is now working as a production manager in china and i was able to do my master degree in France.

This is a little about my life so far, hope you got to know some stuff about me from a professional point of view.