DIY Mini Arduino Plotter

 Mini Arduino Plotter

We Made this plotter as a school project and since i learned a lot from my previous one this one came out perfect.

this plotter uses the same circuit as the previous one which you can read about and watch a complete tutorial in this older article post.

Second the pen holder mechanism is inspired from this video :

if you want to learn how to make your own gcode i made a tutorial for it :

and if your lazy like me to make your own gcode here’s a link to find some good cartoon pictures .gcode for your plotter :


  1. Hello sir, you are doing a great work. I have seen plenty of your video tutorials, they are greatly and properly explained. I am recently introduced to Arduino and am extremely excited by the almost infinite possibilities that it creates. I am 15 years old, so I don’t have much knowledge about programming and stuff but I try to make some stuff that is both practically useful and fun to make so that I could gain experience. I have seen a video of yours, in which you have explained in detail how to make a CNC plotter. I was inspired and excited to make it because I could see that by making it I would receive a great deal of experience and a very good product which has multiple practical uses. So I made it by following your instructions given in the tutorial video, both parts hardware and software. Both videos are really great, but, I had a little problem in understanding the part where you used the CD/DVD ejaculation mechanism instead of a servo motor. I couldn’t understand how to use it to both lower and lift the pen. I tried soldering two of the connections, but when I give it power, it only works in one direction according to the polarity of the power. So I require your help with this problem. It would be great if you help me out with this. Thank you. Your hard work will definitely give you a great result and your channel would be successful.

    1. hi friend, thanks for everything and for reaching out to me.i think its my mistake its pins 10 & 11 not 9 & 10 i updated the pictures here an explanation: the third l293D IC (an H-Bridge) will drive the motor in two directions as the drawing shows if pin 11 of the arduino is high and 10 is low it will go forward if 11 is set low and 10 is high it will go backward so your gonna be using only one half of the ic lef or right like this drawing showing the connections needed because we are driving only one motor and the input go to pins 10 & 11 of the arduino i also included a test sketch in the article here .i hope i was able to help you but you can always reach out to me again. thanks again i really appreciate the encouragement.

  2. I really respect that you cared to reply. Thank you for it. Actually thing’s are s bit complicated. I will try to make it simpler. I first saw a CNC plotter on your video in which you only showed it in action, and I was really too excited by the idea and possibilities of it and even more to make it. So I decided that I would make it on my own using my own, at that time I wasn’t aware that you were going to upload a tutorial on how to make it. So I referred to some of the other videos and websites, bit I found them abrupt, so I decided to make it on my own without help, only from the basic knowledge which I got from the net. Coincidentally, I had all the the necessary thing’s to make the CNC plotter (in my own way). I actually didn’t use the l293ds ic, instead I used a motor shield. First I thought of using another motor driver that I used in a previous project where I made a Bluetooth controlled car, but then I realized I would need three ic’s, one for the right motor, one for the left and one for the pen mechanism, so I ordered a motor shield. It had three ic’s in it, so I thought that the CNC machine would properly work. But, I didn’t realise that changing the hardware would also mean that the software has to be changed. So, I had a conflict in the software. I tried to modify it to suit my hardware, but it didn’t work out. I know that it’s to Tangled but I tried too explain it as simply as possible for me. I would never request you to make a software suited to my hardware, but can I expect just a little advice, on how to modify the software to change the polarity of current, given to the CD/DVD ejaculation mechanism, so that it could go up and down according to the g code. I am really thankful for your reply. Thank you. One last thing, you truly deserve encouragement, you’ve earned it.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, it’s an ‘Motor Driver Shield Expansion Board L293D’ for arduino … It’s just basically the ready made version of the one you made with the breadboard using the three individual ic’s …

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