Resistor Color Code value ?

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How To Read A Resistor Value ?

Reading a resistor value is an essential basic for electronics work and a very easy one. first of all the most common used color code is 4 bands as the value of a resistor is in the 4 colors around it.

4 Colors Resistor Type:

the first two bands or colors represent the resistance value in digitsthe third color or band represent the multiplier which means how many zeros after the two digits,at last the fourth represents the tolerance or accuracy of the resistor the most common is gold which means  ±5%.

Resistor Color Code Table

resistor color code

5 Colors Resistor Type:

In addition the 5 bands type its the same except the first three are the digits and the forth is the multiplier leaving the fifth color band of the resistor to be the tolerance and that’s it for understanding the colors. now the color code is this one

Color1st digit2nd digit3rd digit*MultiplierToleranceTemp. Coef.Fail Rate
Brown111×101±1% (F)100 ppm/K1%
Red222×102±2% (G)50 ppm/K0.1%
Orange333×10315 ppm/K0.01%
Yellow444×10425 ppm/K0.001%
Green555×105±0.5% (D)
Violet777×107±0.1% (B)
Gray888×108±0.05% (A)
Gold×0.1±5% (J)
Silver×0.01±10% (K)
None±20% (M)