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How to make a PCB Drilling station

mini drill

Making a mini drilling station is better than buying one. Why? Well making one is easier and it’s much affordable than you think.I use it to drill my  PCB’s which is the main purpose but then I realized that it is even capable for drilling plywood and plastic which is useful for small projects.

Materials used:

  • — 1 cm thick sheet of plywood
  • — scrap piece of wood
  • — Scarp piece of MDF
  • — Two stainless steel rods (10 mm diameter)
  • — Two springs
  • — 4 x O screws
  • — zip ties
  • — 30 V motor (I got it from an old printer with its power adapter and switch to power it)
  • — 4 x small L joints
  • — GLUE: two parts epoxy and wood glue
  • — Some small screws
  • – Tools:
  • — Jigsaw or normal saw
  • — chisel
  • — Screwdriver
  • — hand drill (with small bits and a 10 mm drill bit)
  • — Sand paper for the wood

The Plans



The Base Structure :

Use the included schematics to retrace two pieces for the top and bottom and two more for the sides to a sheet of plywood.

I used my table mounted jigsaw for this cut but a normal saw would do.

Now sand the edges and mark and drill the holes for the steel rods later.

Using a Scrap of MDF as the base I assembled it with the L joints making everything square as possible.

The Slider :

It is composed of three pieces :

– 1 x the slider

– 2 x Motor holders

I cut it to length mounted it  to the vice pre-drilled with a 5 mm drill bit then completed at 10 mm theses two holes need to be straight and parallel to each other as possible as they are the guides of the steel rods if you have a drill press use it unfortunately I don’t but it worked just fine. Next carve two slots for the motor holder which I did with a saw and the chisel then sanded it

Now the motor holders retrace them on the plywood and make sure to know the diameter of the motor you’re using for the inner hole and cut them. After that to make it easier and to make them as identical as I can I glued them together with little drops of superglue (they need to be detached later) and made the inner hole

Now use glue and screws to assemble the three pieces and were done almost.

Make a quick test to see if everything fits together and mark the shaft of the motor to see where it will drop and drill that hole on the MDF base.

Assembly :

I painted everything white it looked nice i was so happy at this point =) Added the O screws for the spring and were ready to assemble. Put the motor in place and strap it with zip ties keep them loose for now until we finish the assembly.

put the steel rods make sure everything is aligned, perpendicular…(eye bowling) and tighten the zip ties , mix two parts epoxy and glue the steel rods to the top and bottom pieces and the drilling station is ready.

How To mount Drill Bits To The Motor:

To fit drill bits to the motor. I took the wire connectors removed the silicone plastic around it then loosen the screws and put it aside for now.

take the drill bit (in the video i showed you a 1 mm bit) wrapped it with paper tape until it fits snugly inside the connector now with two parts epoxy mixed glue it to the connector , Quickly before it dries join it to the motor and turn it on while its turning using a screwdriver push it until its perfectly aligned and doesn’t wobble around tighten the screws and check again when it looks straight carefully remove it and let it dry.

WHEN the epoxy dries start drilling some holes.

Complete Build Videos and Using It :